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A unique range of USB cables and analog interconnects.

Our USB products offer the option of clean battery power, whilst isolating the DAC / spdif converter from the noisy 5v PC / Mac power.

The new Katoen interconnects not only enhance the sonic improvements of our USB products, but allow those not into computer audio to experience the unique “Elijah” sound.

Still lovingly handcrafted from Audience cryo treated Cu wire and multiple layers of cotton tubing. The look may have changed but the sound remains distinctly “Elijah”.

A “60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee” covers all our products.


All wiring, including battery leads, is Audience OCC cryo treated copper. Katoen interconnects are terminated with either Eichmann Cu Bullets or Neutrik XLR plugs.

Elijah USB products (except Quad Braid Mk3) have the 5V power pin and solder tab removed for further isolation.

Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder is used throughout the Elijah range and all parts treated extensively with multiple Peter Belt (PWB) products. Coloured outer sleeves are hand dyed, unbleached 100% cotton. Internal tubing is unbleached 100% cotton.