I truly loved these cables paired with Clones Audio 25i – that was an excellent match.

I am consistently charmed by the Katoen and am also amazed at what high level of reproduction it achieves. Its character is smooth, refined, natural, open and airy all at the same time. While doing so it doesn't slow speed or compress dynamics.

There are cables that sound more forward, more solid or more precise but none that I have heard to date managed to combine these various aspects into such a coherent whole as the Quad Braid does. This cable simply excells where it matters most: to convey pure emotion while avoiding any digital artefacts. Oh, did I mention that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg? At less than 180 euro and with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, this is a must-hear cable!

The first improvement I noticed with that the sound was yet more "composed", the music was even more at ease and more natural. How can I better explain this? I'll have to use an automotive parallel; the more composed sound I'm talking about is as if I'd swapped from a car with a highly tuned but smallish capacity engine to a car with a big torquey V8. I also found was even better stage depth and separation of instruments. Treble, as in hi-hats, was better defined and more real sounding.

It was one of those occasions when it was hard to write down what the improvement actually was. I wouldn't say more clarity, I wouldn't say more bass, or a more sparkling top end. Timing was one possible reason, not that the PRaT with the other combinations had been poor. 'Naturalness' was another comment that I wrote down at the time. What ever it was, something was hitting the sweet spot.

The Quad USB cable is a wonderful product that simply is… wonderful in every way. And at under $200 it is a steal. I simply love this USB cable… musical, dynamic, quiet as all get out, whatever… you pretty much get it all.