Just to let you know the XLR cables are great and indeed awesome. Why do i say that ? simple. I have a very copy of Dark side of the moon that is difficult to listen too. (it is quite an old copy with none of that remastered stuff). I usually listen to it once a week max but with your cable in place i can listen to it daily. There is a clarity that you cable brings to my setup without the associated harshness of some of the lessor cables. Excellent and worth every dollar.
AT, Botswana, Africa

Cables arrived! Just plugged the Isolaate BL in my sisters simple setup in Hong Kong (Stello U3 > Stello DA220MKII > Cambridge 851A > Proac 1sc). By just changing the USB cable from a wireworld ultraviolet I can hear differences already, Sound is more warm and smooth compared to the WW cable which tends to be quite bright.
I can't wait till next month to go back to Beijing and try the Katoen and the Isolaate with my own set-up (Eximus DP-1 > Leben CS300XS > Proac 1sc FE/Audeze LCD-2/3). Amazing cable my friend, Let me know if there will be any new upcomming items for sale.
KM, Hong Kong

As I think I mentioned to you, I have been using Nordost Heimdall, which I believe retails at about 5 times the price of your cable. There is no doubt that my Nordost does do a more detailed upfront 'hi-fi' presentation etc., but the Katoens just seem to play music ?? As it was with the ISOLATE USB, it's hard to put my finger on what exactly it is... but it's just very very natural and just plain 'right' sounding ?? Singers and musicians sound like they've just exhaled, dropped their shoulders and relaxed. In some respects it reminds me of the comparisons that I've done in the past between CD and Vinyl. No matter how much more analytical CD/computer can be... analogue/vinyl just sounds like music should to me.
Don't know how much you attribute to the weird and wonderful PWB treatments, but it may go some way to explaining why your cables sound so different and why I can't quite get to grips with why it sounds so good ? Anyway, comparing The Nordost with the Katoens, there is a kind of dynamic and bounce to the sound, that reminds me of that old CD/ Vinyl comparison. I have to say that I'm truly astonished by it. Needless to say, the Heimdall is going up for sale, and I'm inclined to say that I think you're seriously under pricing yourself.
SF, London

So what does the Katoen sound like? Well, the sound is quick and agile. This cable is capable of producing great detail, voices are absolutely wonderful, intelligible and with the right amount of body. The bass isnít simply heard, but itís felt, driven into the room with substance and great depth, but at the same time with speed and agility. The sound stage is open and extends well beyond the physical location of the speakers, in width, height and depth. Dynamics are great, drums have slam and delicacy at the same time.
Snares and toms just jump out at you as they would standing next to the musician playing them. It also works a treat for piano, which is essentially a percussion instrument. The striking of the hammer against the string is felt. But voices, oh sweet voices, is where this cable shines the brightest. Male, female, jazz, pop, rock, you name it, it just sounds so good.
This is one of those upgrades where you play one album and wonder what the next album will sound like. Is this the best interconnect out there? I donít think so, but youíd have to pay considerably more to improve on the sound of the Katoen.
Great bass extension, wonderful mids, extended and glorious highs, dynamics and a spacious and real soundstage, this is a very good cable, which I will be happy to continue to use in my system for a long time to come. I love this interconnect. Thanks for convincing me to try it.
RD, Netherlands

I received the cable and it works just fine. I would just like to say that I am absolutely blown away by this cable. My setup was pretty revealing but I always felt that there was something missing. I can honestly say this is the most natural sounding cable I have heard. I don't know how but Congrats on this achievement. I hope many follow. Thank you so much.
UK, London

I managed to get some time to have a good listen and do some comparisons etc and I have to say that I completely concur with the other reviews and opinions that I've read. In short, I am quite astonished by the difference between your cable and the Wireworld Starlight that I was using (which is definitely a great cable).
It seems true that the ISO cable does not have the extended treble and sparkle that the WW has, but it makes up for it in ways that I seem unable to explain properly ? I am not an expert hi-fi reviewer or audiophile (thankfully), but I am a lifelong musician and music lover, so can only go by what my ears tell me and IMHO, it does indeed have a strange ability to sound analogue ? I have no idea how it works and frankly don't care.... just as long as it keeps on doing what it's doing!
I started out about two years back to try and make a convenient, but ultimately musical (and analogue) sounding system based around my Mac Mini.... and it has not been easy that's for sure , with many of my vinyl and cd loving friends having told me that I won't succeed, but slowly and surely those 'Ones and Zeros' are turning into sweet sounding music. Your cable has just helped that considerably.... thanks! I shall keep an eye on what you come up with in the future.
SF, London

Brilliant! Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears. Sharpened everything up. Tightened the bass and got rid of the hazy crap around the outside edges. Congrats on your product.
PS, Victoria, Australia

Hello Michael, cable is already here, sounds very organic, a great improvement!
AVB, Netherlands

Just received my Isolaate BL cable. You were so right! It does sound good straight out of the box! The first thing I had to do was turn the volume down on my subwoofer and the detail is amazing. Looking forward to getting some hours on it. Thanks for a great product.
MH, Queensland, Australia

I received the ISOLAATE BL cable yesterday along with the battery pack. Before I go any further: the cable is magnificent. Thanks very much for making such a wonderful and ingenious product available for such a reasonable price. I have the battery connected and getting great sound from my Nuforce.
I don't think there is any good reason for people to have to listen to their USB dacs and or headphones powered by their computers. The sound is so much cleaner, the high frequencies so much less harsh and the overall sound quality so definitively improved that springing for your cable and an inexpensive battery charger is a no-brainer. In fact, just at the moment, I'm listening to Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet and it sounds very good indeed. It was almost unlistenable when I switched to a regular cable. Many thanks indeed.
VK, North Carolina, USA

Now that I've had a bit of listening time, let me tell you what a fantastic experience it has been buying from you. Your interconnects represent the best cable upgrade I've yet applied. They elicit additional detail without being excessively bright. In addition, you offered a discount and delivered them too - just excellent. Thanks again.
Adam, Adelaide, Australia

The QUAD BRAID cable is very well made. Just by holding in hand I can notice that. I have one word to describe the sound quality: outstanding! I've never heard a sound like this before. I can literally say that I'm rediscovering all the music I have. I can hear many more instruments, the voice is completely closer and the sound reverberate as if I were in a real concert.
AL, Brazil

I finally put around 100 hours on the Elijah Quad Braid cable and found to be a very nice cable. clear, detailed but warm, more in the silky side which is great, tighter bass and a very nice sense of deepness in the soundstage, voices sounds full, warm and rich as well as the percussion and brass. Strings sound defined and not fatiguing, this is a great cable all around! highly recommended.
GG, Argentina

I have received the BPM yesterday. The first change is the stage - stage is more open, wider and deeper, more air. Overall sound is more live, the timbres is rich. The very delicate structures of the sound like silent reverberation is appear. Of course it's not dramatic changes, but BPM really works.
VG, Moscow

Just bought and tried the BPM, and results are extremely positive, a clear level above the usual sound quality reached by the classic connection of an USB key holding music files.
JL, France

I have just received one of your cable. Burn-in not completed and SQ is already better than direct usb with my jkdac32.
FA, France

Thanks for the cable. It sounds good. Getting more spaciousness without any glare or is actually flowing more easily.
LL, Melbourne, Australia

I have heard a lot of USB cables and the Elijah cable sounds the best. It's a great little cable.
KC, Las Vegas, USA

Today I finally got a chance to compare the Elijah silver USB cable to a direct link.
First up Yellowjackets/Like a River, the song River Waltz. The direct connection seems to have better treble extension. Transients are better discernible, providing especially percussion like cymbals, triangles, etc. a little more exciting. However during the piano solo some notes have a tendency to be close to the edge of distortion.
With the Elijah cable this is not the case. Treble extension might be bit less, but instruments and voices have more body then with the direct connection and the bass is somewhat more present, equally defined and quick. Sound stage is comparable between the two as well, as is detail level.
Similar was found when playing Dianne Krall's I can drink a case of you. With the Elijah cable, Dianne's voice and her piano gained size compared to the direct connection. Pat Metheny Group's Cathedral in a suitcase had better bass extension for the very deep notes in the song and the guitar had the necessary volume and presence.
Overall I preferred the Elijah silver cable in my system to the direct USB connection. Both the direct USB connector stack and the Elijah cable were about the same size, length wise. I also compared the two to my Furutech Formula 2 cable (1.8 metres) but to me lost to both direct connection and the Elijah USB cable. Conclusion, I'm keeping the Elijah silver USB cable in my system.
RD, Netherlands

When it comes to punch, bass agility, excitement and mid-range presence the Elijah Audience version is definitely my favorite. What really comes out well are electric bass guitars (slapped, fingered), brass (sax, trumpets, etc.), voices are more pronounced, but also more in-your-face. When this cable is in my system I actually need to reduce the bass level. On the other hand the treble region is somewhat under illuminated and it sounds like the ceiling is lower, literarily, if that makes sense to you. Especially audible when listening to cymbals for instance it sounds like the "sound wall" doesn't extend as well up to the ceiling.
The Elijah silver version is more laidback, but also somewhat more open, less in your face and does have somewhat more extension treble wise. Bass is tight, but not as eyebrow raising as with the Audience version. Overall this is for me the USB equivalent of van den Hul interconnects. Great sound, very easy on the ears, low fatigue, but needs to agree with the rest of your system.
Direct USB's treble extension and presence is for me still the best. It just keeps going on up, high in the room. Mid range is not bad but I like the Elijah Audio and the silver cables somewhat better. Bass is no competition for either of your cables. It is not as tight, fast nor exciting.
Nevertheless, overall the Elijah Audio cable is definitely my preferred one for the music I listen to and in combination with the rest of my system. Vocals have presence and body, upper bass and bassextention are the best I have been able to achieve with my computer on my system.
RD, Netherlands

Soundwise, initial impression: Awesome! It's sounding ultraclear in the treble and removing the last residue of treble harshness from my worst recordings. I will definitely keep it, but perhaps use it with my JKSPDIF MK3 in my secondary system.
JH, Norway

I have been using the ISOLAATE BL 750 cable - here are some listening impressions now it is surely burned in -
ISOLAATE BL cable - sound seems solid n smooth with good center imaging - voice seems to pop out more in the mix and has good impact / density.
Wireworld - similar centre imaging to the new ISOLAATE BL cable but with more edgy distorted highs, possibly to do with the fact it is run from PC bus power.
GC, Melbourne, Australia